Friday, 18 March 2016

3 months After Going Live!

Our ‘Stratum’ Transport software is delivering proactive customer service 3 months in.  It’s now an integral part of how McConaghy Refrigerated Distribution Limited manages consignments and invoices customers. PODs can be auto matched and filed in minutes, showing at a glance what PODs are available or are outstanding. This significantly streamlines invoicing and improves customer service. We know this from customers.
Stratum’s Fleet Management Module is NEXT
The next stage is for McConaghy Refrigerated Distribution is to switch over from the current fleet management system to Stratum’s fleet management module.  Whilst the current system has worked well, the opportunity for a one stop database to manage every aspect of the fleet is not to be missed to ensure that every vehicle and trailer in the fleet is kept in tip top condition as well as fully compliant.  Making sure all our customers get an utterly reliable service.  

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