Sunday, 10 July 2016

You’re on it - Our Completely New Website is up and running!

This week saw Managing Director Richard McConaghy pull all available members of the McConaghy team together to publicly recognise Zach McCaughan’s achievement. He presented Zach with a certificate for his outstanding achievement in designing McConaghy’s new website. Zach’s involvement in the new website resulted from him approaching Richard and seeking to replace the old website completely as part of his second year Computing Course at Ulster University. Richard commented; "Zach has produced a website which allows existing and potential customers to find the information they need quickly and efficiently. The website site informs customers and potential customers not only what we do but how we do it - our values. Zach found the right balance in producing a website that shows that McConaghy Refrigerated Distribution Limited is a family business that is customer focussed, forward thinking and BRC certified. Whilst I do get out to see customers as much as is possible, the reality is that the spread of our business across Ireland and Great Britain makes it impossible for me to see every customer. Therefore, it is great that customers are now able to put a face to a name through our ‘staff profile’ page.”

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Celebrating New Business

Last week saw McConaghy Refrigerated Distribution Limited secure new work for one of the UK’s largest food companies.  We look forward to moving their consignments throughout the UK.  An important part of securing this new business was down to us being BRC certified, being on the BRC unannounced scheme and being able to evidence to this new customer that food safety and compliance runs through the core of our operations. 

“Our long established and clearly documented systems ensured that we passed this distinguished suppliers stringent and independent audit with flying colours.” Richard McConaghy, Managing Director.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Refrigerated Van Courier Service - Fleet Increased

Date:  4th March 2016 

This month saw McConaghy’s Refrigerated Van 'UK & Ireland Same Day Courier Service' Launched. Whilst McConaghy Refrigerated Distribution Limited has always had the facility to do temperature controlled van deliveries, the middle of the month will see the Mercedes Sprinter Refrigerated Van fleet increase substantially. The new vans will be on the road as soon as they've been painted in McConaghy’s colours. 

New McConaghy Specified Refrigerated Trailers join the fleet

Date:  4th February 2016

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Three Schmitz Cargobull and one Chereau Meat Hanging Refrigerated trailer joins the fleet.

These state-of-the-art trailers have been specified without any compromise to ensure they meet the specific requirements of our customers. 

3 months After Going Live!

Our ‘Stratum’ Transport software is delivering proactive customer service 3 months in.  It’s now an integral part of how McConaghy Refrigerated Distribution Limited manages consignments and invoices customers. PODs can be auto matched and filed in minutes, showing at a glance what PODs are available or are outstanding. This significantly streamlines invoicing and improves customer service. We know this from customers.
Stratum’s Fleet Management Module is NEXT
The next stage is for McConaghy Refrigerated Distribution is to switch over from the current fleet management system to Stratum’s fleet management module.  Whilst the current system has worked well, the opportunity for a one stop database to manage every aspect of the fleet is not to be missed to ensure that every vehicle and trailer in the fleet is kept in tip top condition as well as fully compliant.  Making sure all our customers get an utterly reliable service.  

New Additions to Vehicle Fleet

Date: 7th December 2015

2 Volvo FH460 I-Shift Globetrotter’s (Euro 5) with XL Cabs join the fleet. 

Sunday, 6 March 2016

McConaghy Refrigerated Distribution Limited News - September 2015

Technology - improving Security and Road Safety
Date: 30th September 2015

This month saw the recent installation of remotely monitored Close Circuit Television and all cabs being fitted with Instant Video Transmission Vehicle Accident Cameras. Compliance Manager Michael Armstrong stated that the security of the site will be enhanced further by the installation of CCTV and highlighted that one of the main advantages of fitting cameras to all cabs was to reduce potential collisions. Both Operations Manager Clive Elder and Managing Director Richard McConaghy outlined that MRDL are continually looking at ways in which technology can be used to reduce risk and increase customer service and announced that android phones are soon to be fitted to all cabs as an integral part of the new Stratum transport management software.

Stratum Goes Live!
Date: 28th September 2015

Going live with Stratum was quite daunting. With the initial investment in training and equipment being over, it was time to go live. Although very much in the early stages the initial signs are promising that it will meet both customers and MRDL's needs for timely information. Managing Director Richard McConaghy acknowledged the commitment of the many who got the new system up and running without a drop in customer service.  

New Logistics Post / Development Opportunity
Date: 17th September 2015

This new post of Logistics Support came into being in anticipation of the impact of the 'stratum' logistics management software and the introduction of new organisational targets. Managing Director Richard McConaghy said this new role is primarily to support Operations Manager Clive Elder in the day to day management of collections and deliveries in addition to it being a development opportunity. 

Chilled Operator of the Year - Export and Freight Transport & Logistics Awards 2015
Date: 11th September 2015 

Last night, Thursday 10 September 2015, saw some of the team and MRDL guests attend the annual Export and Freight Transport & Logistics Awards following us receiving an anonymous nomination for Chilled Operator of the year.  

We made the top 3 - if only each way bets paid out. Being a finalist in such a competitive category and having our name and vehicles in lights in front of more than 500 people from across the transport industry was no mean achievement.  

The main message those who attended took from the guest speakers was that the most valuable resource in the industry are the drivers and that striving for excellence and continuous improvement is a must. Managing Director Richard McConaghy said 'If we had won I would have mentioned everyone's great work in person in my acceptance speech - promise!'.